Monday, February 18, 2013


The bookPress app is a free tool to create digital books. There are templates to create a children's book, poetry book, cookbook, a picture book, or a storybook. You can also use a blank template to create any kind of book you wish. Bookemon, the publisher, provides bCloud storage for your books.  Your completed books can be viewed through this app or read online. From the app you can also choose to order print copies of your book.

Bookemon also provides edCenter, a free, private, secure environment for teachers and students to create, collaborate, and share their books. Email addresses are not required for student accounts. This video provides a brief introduction and overview of this app:
Classroom Connections:

  • write a class book about a field trip
  • research and write biographies of historical figures
  • create a class memory book
  • publish student narrative writing
  • create expository "how to" manuals
  • publish student poetry anthologies
  • create a book to document STEM activities and scientific explorations
  • create a leadership book of ways students demonstrate the 7 Habits


  1. Two of my children are avid writers and have each recently started creative writing pieces that they want to share. Using the app on my iPad, I hope to encourage them to publish their pieces to share with family, teachers, and classmates. My son was recently given an assignment to either present a project through a PowerPoint or a book. He, unlike his sisters, is not a writer and the thought creating a book, was not appealing. I plan to introduce him to this app as a tech alternative to book making that I feel would appeal to him.

    Sujata W. LES

  2. I love hearing about bookPress. I am always seeking out new ways for students to publish their work. I hope this will be one that will be of interest and is creative but also open for them to put different types of stories together.

    Jeannene L OGES

  3. I think this would be a great way to introduce students to publishing a written piece. We are currently working on poetry and think poetry would be a great piece to start with because they are usually shorter and all students would have a better chance of finishing and sharing.
    Erica M; NPES

  4. I think the students would love using this app to publish their writing. It could also be used as part of our daily 5 rotations when students work on writing. I think if I could teach a few of the students how to use it, the others would catch on.

    Kimberly S. NPES

  5. We do so much writing in kindergarten ( narrative writing, opinion writing as well as research). Bookpress would be a great, easy way to get my students writing published. A finished published book is very motivating for writers of all ages!
    Heather F.

  6. We are going on a field trip next week -- we will use this to create a class book - great way to record our learning.

    Lois B.



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